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Maple Class (Y6)


Year 6 Sandwich adventure!

Our current adventure for Year 6 is called the ‘Sandwich Survival Guide’ this comes from the term ‘Some amazing tasting sandwiches’ which the children created from the acronym ‘SATs’. Throughout this topic the children have been exploring new learning in reading, writing, SPaG and maths, and taking the time to revise previously learnt subjects.

Sandwiches, assessments or dinner?

The children have recently survived an incredibly successful mock SATs week! Following this they prepared some research into real sandwiches, completed sandwich tasting, and evaluated nutritional values in preparation for the remainder of their topic.

During SATs testing week

Following the silence of testing, the children completed revision games to keep them going throughout the afternoons during SATs week. Firstly, they designed spelling punctuation and grammar (SPaG) test style questions independently. Following this, the children became treasure hunters on the playground racing from clue to clue to find the correct answers to SPaG questions.

Following the grammar tests, the children were eager to prepare for their maths the next day. This revision game certainly got their brains going! The children (split into 3 equal teams) were in competition against each other to answer as many maths test questions as possible. However, there was a twist, in order to get a question, the children had to pop a balloon without using their hands or feet to reveal the question inside. They did a fantastic job of answering the questions as quickly as they could in order to pop the next balloon.

In addition to this, to practise fast maths recall, the children competed against each other throw a ball into a hoop/basket winning as many points as possible. These points meant maths questions, so the more points, the more questions and the more maths practise.


Following SATs week

To celebrate the end of a testing week, the children had a pyjama party with their very own sandwich cake! This was a real sponge decorated in the style of a sandwich, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. The end their adventure on sandwiches, the children are holding a Parents Picnic to commemorate their achievements and celebrate their successes.

This involves much organisation, therefore the children have been busy learning about persuasion, formal writing styles and advertisements. With much enthusiasm, they have created a formal invite written to parents, designed a persuasive leaflet and a radio advert for the event. As well as this, the children have been taking an in depth look at Mr T’s Snickers adverts for some hints and tips on persuasion.


Please check out the pictures to see our learning and celebrations!