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Year 2's got talent!

Year 2 are currently organising a talent show. They have been learning new talents everyday, and we have been tweeting Ant and Dec! The children are really excited to perform on the talent show. The children have learnt to write interview questions in preparation to interview staff to become a judge.

During our adventure, children have learnt to write a letter, newspaper report and a diary entry! In maths we investigated who is the most favourite judge on the show, and we created a pictogram.

We are having lots of fun, and can't wait to show off our talents on the stage!

Year 2

Ticket sale!

admin on: Year 2

Coming soon...

Children will be inviting you to buy tickets for their talent show.

They will be shining on the stage on Monday 13th June, don't miss out!!


BGT advert

admin on: Year 2

Year 2 are really excited to share their advert with you!

Please sign the letter to give your child permission, so we can post the advert. The advert will give you more information about the talent show.

Many thanks,

Miss Hood