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Governor Roles

Governors at Heath Hayes have a variety of roles within the governing board. Below you will find a summary of our current committee's and the more individual link governor roles that we carry out.


Finance, Operations and Personnel along with safeguarding committee meetings are held once a term, Standards and Achievement is held once every half term.

Standard and achievements committee is split between EYFS and yrs. 1-6, teachers provide information to governors detailing current attainment and progress by cohort giving us an easy to read insight of impact throughout the school. Governors then develop challenge to leaders that relate back to school improvement priorities, along with any further questions or comments they may have relating to the data presented to them. Governor comments are given back to leaders and teachers to build into planning for the next half term.

Finance, Operations and Personnel along with safeguarding have a feed of notes of visit from link governors where challenge can be taken to and from. This allows for a triangulation of follow up and a specific governor to develop a better knowledge of school systems and procedures, in turn enhancing knowledge of the school, challenge and support by governors.



Each of our non-staff governors are appointed as a link governor, to a specific area of operation or learning within school. Link governor roles are developed based on governor skill strengths, experience or triangulation to committee memberships. This is allowing us to develop a stronger all round approach to challenge, knowledge and support of school leadership. We are able to have deeper impact by developing relationships with senior leaders independent of the Head teacher, allowing us to formulate our own self-governing considerations.


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