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We welcome your comments, questions and concerns, to get in touch with us there are several options:
Call or speak to the school office and leave your details with them for us to call you back or you may recognise some of us on the playground and we will always welcome you approaching us to arrange a meeting or for a quick informal chat.
(please be mindful that this email is accessed by all governors, should you have a confidential concern or complaint please email with a request to be contacted by our Chair of Governors or another governor if you wish).


Governors at Heath Hayes have a variety of roles within the governing board. Below you will find a full breakdown of all members, committees and link roles they are associated to, as well as declaration of interests, (full forms are kept in the school office).


Governor attendance at all board and committee meetings is recorded, our attendance for the last school year is below.



Reach2 schools are all part of a tiered governance structure, you can find information about REAch2 and how governance is approached on the trust website; www.reach2.org.  The Governance page gives details of how the Trust is organised, including the Articles of Association, the Master Funding Agreement and all the documents which relate to how the Trust was founded and how it runs today.  You can also find details of who our trustees are.

Our school, like all the schools in the Trust, has a local governing body (LGB).  There is a scheme of delegation, which details how the LGB should work.  The LGB hold meetings during the year in which they help to support the school, its leadership and pupils, whilst challenging to make sure that everyone achieves as much progress as they can.

Our school’s full LGB has positions for; 4 Reach2 appointed governors, two parent elected governors, two staff governors and the headteacher, all governors are volunteers.  Governors can invite other members of staff or professions to governance meetings as long as this holds relevance and gives benefit to specific need or issues for the school, this can be a one off invitation or that the board can have up to three co-opt governors whom are invited to attend when their expertise can be of value.  

The LGB also works alongside a regional board, where all Reach2 schools within that region are discussed, we are part of the West Midlands region. The Regional Board is made up of volunteer trustees with head teachers and chairs of governors from that region. There is also a team of regional officers, led by the Regional Director, they provide support to the schools in finance, HR, estates, safeguarding, health and safety and governance.


Governors do not play a role in the day to day running of the school but a strategic role, to ensure that the day to running of the school is being effective, improving standards and supporting your children’s progress in their learning, to achieve the best they possibly can. We are not complacent or lacking in our expectations and ask a lot of questions and apply the same level of challenge across the board for all children. The crux of all decisions for our governors and school leadership remains the children and the best possible outcomes and solutions for them. Our regular termly meetings allow us to keep a vast overview of what is going on in school and give focus to relevant priorities allowing us to support whole school development in all areas.


Finance, Operations and Personnel along with Safeguarding and Health and Safety committee meetings are held in the first half of each term, full board meetings are held once a term in the second half of each term, Standards and Achievement committee is held once every half term.

Prior to committee meetings governors send out a stakeholder survey, via the school app, inviting comments, questions or queries on all aspects of school life. Submissions are anonymous and will be discussed as a formal agenda item at the meetings, our chair will write to stakeholders informing them on the details specific to this discussion following the meetings. Any comments, queries or suggestions can also be emailed to heathhayesgovernors@heathhayesacademy.co.uk


Each of our governors can be appointed a link governor role to a specific area of operation or learning within school. Link governor roles are delegated based on governor skill strengths, experience or triangulation to committee memberships. This allows us to develop a stronger all round approach to challenge, knowledge and support of school leadership. We are able to have deeper impact by developing relationships with senior leaders independent of the Head teacher, allowing us to formulate our own self-governing considerations. Link governors carry out school visits and/or monitoring within school every term and report back to committee and full board for discussion with all members.


We currently have vacancies for two Reach2 appointed governors, if you are interested in finding out more about one of these roles please email governors; heathhayesgovernors@heathhayesacademy.co.uk or call or the school office.

We are particularly interested in recruiting governors without immediate links to the school, as we already have a number of parents serving on the board.

should you have an interest in school governance and feel you may have something to offer please contact our chair of governors, via the school, to discuss this further.


Governors that have served on the Heath Hayes Academy Board of Governors that have ceased membership during the last 12 months:

Carl Cooper, Governor, Trust appointed position, role concluded January 2018

Helen Park, Non-teaching staff governor, role concluded September 2018