Tuck at morning break 

Children in Reception receive fruit & milk, free of charge funded and provided by the government. At break time they will be offered a range of fruit and a cup of milk.

Children in all year groups can purchase tuck from the school kitchen. The current prices as of 4th September 2023 are:

Toast 40p

Pancake 40p

Crumpet 40p

Milkshake 40p

Milk 40p

From September 2023, tuck items will be ordered and paid through Parentpay. Guidance will be sent out to parents over the Summer holiday on how to book your child’s items. If you prefer you can send healthy snacks into school for them to eat at break time. We politely request not to send sweets or chocolate in for a break time snack.

Allergen information for Tuck items:

Tuck Allergen list