Festival of Light – Diwali

With a showcase of Art & Design, children will extend their learnings of painting and printing to celebrate Diwali. Looking closely at the ‘Festival of Light’ learners will explore beliefs and teachings of the Hindu faith, and learn about believers’ practices and ways of life.

Festival of Colours – Holi

Joining in celebrations of ‘Holi’ the festival of colours, children will follow the lives of Hindu believers to gain insight into their beliefs. Exploration of practises and ways of life, identity and belonging and values and commitments will be observed to gain understanding of the ‘Holi’ festival. Learners will use Art & Design to prepare for the celebrations, and look closely at the colour wheel, colour mixing and colour tones.



Mexico – Dia de Los Muertos

A marvellous mashup of music, food, festivals, geography and culture are all rolled into this adventure. Explore how the festival of ‘The Day of the Dead’ is celebrated in Mexico along with other long- standing traditions. Children will develop a wide range of skills for this adventure including DT and Art.


A Whizpopping adventure with the BFG into the world of Roald Dahl. Become immersed in a world of giants, dreams and magic. Children will have to use and develop a range of writing skills in this adventure, particularly their descriptive writing. Along with some beautiful Art and Design to really capture the imagination creating dream catchers and painting some wonderful images of Giant Country.



Revolts and Revolutions

Throughout this adventure about the Industrial Revolution, learning will develop knowledge to make historical connections, draw contrasts and expand on prior knowledge past 1066. The adventure looks closely at portraying ideas through Art & Design and explores artists from that era.

Inside the Gallery

Creating your own art gallery re-quires a wealth of artistic skills, within this adventure the opportunity to showcase in their very own gallery exhibition will be fully worth the hard work! Exploring the world of artistic, architects and designers learners will draw on their own imaginative flare to ‘create some-thing amazing’ and 11B411 promise.


Design and Technology


The Three Little Pigs

This adventure focussing on Traditional Tales allows children to re-cap, rehearse and recite a variety of much loved stories. Using the Three Little Pigs as a main text, children will look at structures in which they could build in order to create a sustainable house when blown by the wolf.

Bob the Builder

Can our Heath Hayes children fix it? Posed with a dilemma and need for repairs, children will explore materials for construction. Looking closely within Science at everyday materials, experiments for strength and suitability will support children’s learning to achieve their overall outcome, helping Bob to fix his dilemma.



Cracking Contraptions

Cheese Gromit? Dive into the world of Wallace and Gromit creating some cracking contraptions using Design and Technology skills. Turn the classroom into Aardman Studios with some stop animation to take computing skills to the next level!

The Great Heath Hayes Bake Off

Ready, set, bake! Our junior bakers will have to get their aprons on and spoons out in this DT adventure. Children will take over the kitchen by preparing and baking a range of delicious dishes, understanding a healthy lifestyle and where our food comes from. Get ready to experience a world of new tastes on this lip-smacking journey.



Clockwork – Phillip Pullman

Clockwork by Phillip Pullman is a short children’s novel centred around an apprentice clock-maker and a deadly mechanical knight in armour. Within the adventure, children will explore narrative writing with imaginative storylines, ambitious vocabulary and tension writing.