Music at Heath Hayes Academy combines a partnership between the self-designed Hero’s Curriculum and Entrust Music specialists. As a school we have a music room, housing a variety of tuned and untuned instruments in order to facilitate learners to explore music. Staff regularly received CPD with Entrust Music specialists to upskill, and enhance pupils experiences of music. Designed programmes run through adventures to provide opportunities for children to showcase their musical and vocal achievements.


Big Band Boogie

The power to perform will capture children’s eye with this Music themed adventure. Learners will explore: listening attentively to a variety of musical sounds; express their voices; play tuned and untuned instruments and experiment with the dimensions of music. This adventure centred around the wider arts will allow for children to explore artists and recreate pieces of artwork following the musical theme.



The Big Bang

Following the long-story Christian creation story, children will draw comparisons with scientists ‘big bang theory’. The opportunity to raise questions which cause learners to wonder and investigate will be plentiful within this adventure. Being predominantly based around the religious story of creation, children will be able to represent their learning through description and music.



Code it! Rock Band

Using the power of coding this adventure will come alive as children will endeavour to create their own rock band using Scratch. Get ready to beat the drum and play the triangle in an all singing all dancing performance.