Welcome to Toy Land

The core subject for this adventure is Computing, children will explore toys using computer technology. As well as this, they will design, make and model their own toy based on research. Children can explore opportunities through role-play to instruct, advertise and sell toys to others.


Within this Computing adventure, children will learn about algorithms, debugging, and logical reasoning to create a ‘Robot’ themed activity. When looking at computer based technology children will be taught to explore the internet safely and practically.

Happy Harry’s Internet Café

Within this writing adventure, children’s learning will focus on a Michael Rosen text ‘Happy Harry’s Café. Learners will discover the delightful characters within the story, and explore the colourful illustrations. Opportunity to re-hearse and write poetry will pro-vide children with a chance to perform the grand finale within the story of ‘Soup Song’.



We are Game Makers

Who doesn’t want to create the next gaming craze? In this computing adventure, children will learn to write their own code to produce their own game complete with sound! It will also be a chance to show off their persuasive skills to market their games to the masses.

Digital Designers

We are digital designers, want to join us? With a mission to design and deliver, learners will gain digital skills supporting them in the future. Within this adventure, specific computing knowledge and understanding will encourage children to dive into the digital world. As well as this, they will l learn about and discuss the importance of online safety, online relation-ships and being digitally aware.



Code it! Rock Band

Using the power of coding this adventure will come alive as children will endeavour to create their own rock band using Scratch. Get ready to beat the drum and play the triangle in an all singing all dancing performance.

Get Online

We live our whole world online, but how much do we really under-stand about the internet? It’s time to discover the depths of the internet, how it helps our lives and how we can keep ourselves safe. Children will need all of their computing skills in this screen time adventure.