Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum follows the National Curriculum and is implemented through learning adventures. Adventures are used to continually embed and revisit knowledge and skills in varying contexts. Experiences are provided for learners to showcase their knowledge, skills and understanding at every opportunity. Our Hero’s Curriculum enables children to build on their knowledge and skills throughout their time at Heath Hayes Academy. The intention behind our curriculum is to grow life-long learners. With a carefully designed partnership between the learning of knowledge, and the opportunities to apply transferable skills. Our curriculum will fully equip learners for the future.

Achievement within the Hero’s Curriculum will highlight the impact of the partnership between knowledge building and application of transferable skills. Children are consistently supported and challenged to reach their full potential within learning adventures.


Further Information

The journey of learning and skill/knowledge progression for:

Foundation subjects




For more information about the implementation of the Hero’s Curriculum, please contact the school office.