School should be a place where children are happy; feel secure and where they can achieve as well as they are able – enjoyable for all.

We have our very own nurture provision at Heath Hayes Academy called Sunflower Club. 

Sunflower club:

  • Provides additional help and support for children who may be experiencing some difficulty at school.
  • Runs sessions for small groups of between six and eight children.
  • Has two experienced specially trained staff who provide children with an opportunity to develop their skills in a small homely environment within school.
  • Promotes self-esteem, confidence and develops social and emotional skills whilst nurturing a motivated and positive approach to learning.
  • Is an extension of the classroom’s good practice with the aim of reintegrating a happier, more confident and able learner back into a full time classroom environment.
  • Was formed in September 2004 and has become a great success.

Professional agencies have congratulated us upon our provision and other schools are visiting us with a view of opening their own similar provision.

Why do we have Sunflower Club?

Despite our best efforts some children may experience difficulty coping within a busy classroom environment.

  • They may be feeling unhappy.
  • They may be feeling lonely.
  • They may find the day too long.
  • They may find lessons too difficult.
  • They may be unable to concentrate.
  • They may be feeling confused.
  • They may even be feeling angry.
  • They may find it all just too overwhelming!

What will children learn in the Sunflower Club?

Every session the children take part in:

  • Group activities to develop personal and social skills.
  • Individual practical activities that contribute to the success of the group.
  • Activities that promote feelings of well-being and self-esteem.
  • Activities that develop a sense of individual responsibility and accountability to others.
  • Activities that reflect those taking part in the classroom situation.
  • During each session there will be an opportunity or the children and staff to sit round stable as a group and share a drink and snack at the same time as practising social, language and listening skills.
  • Within the club the children will have jobs and responsibilities on a rota basis promoting independence and self esteem.


How often will my child attend the Sunflower Club?

  • Children attend between one and two sessions each week, the number of sessions your child will attend will depend on how many sessions there are available (there is a waiting list!) and the discussions that have taken place between the Sunflower Club Coordinator, the child’s class teacher and yourselves!
  • Each child’s individual needs are carefully monitored and assessed both before joining the Sunflower Club as well as during their time there.
  • Your child will be informed in advance of the days they will be with the club. If the club has to be cancelled for any reason the class teacher will let your child know as soon as possible.
  • Children are usually collected by the Sunflower Club staff from the playground just before the end of lunchtime play, they are returned by the staff to their mainstream class just before home time where they are encouraged to celebrate their achievements in the Sunflower Club with their whole class.

How do we keep you informed about your child?

  • There will be a progress meeting every term to which you will be invited.
  • A copy of your child’s progress report will be sent to you.
  • Keep an eye open for your invite to join us for tea!
  • We will have coffee mornings for general “chit chat”.

Every family has a vital role to play in their child’s education and happiness,we welcome and appreciate your involvement and comments – so please do let us know your “news and views”!

You are most welcome to visit the Sunflower Club or pop in for a chat with the staff, although an appointment would be advisable in order to avoid disruption to the children and disappointment to yourselves.

Your child’s class teacher or school SENDC0 will also be delighted to see you for a chat if you have any questions or concerns.