The Great Fire of London

This ‘Pudding Lane’ classic adventure is centred around History within the United Kingdom. Children will learn about events be-yond their own living memory, specifically The Great Fire of Lon-don combined with geographical knowledge of the UK.

Patch Me Up

Looking back at further historical individuals, learners will gain knowledge of the work and lives of: Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell. Learners will acquire skills in order to under-stand the impact these women had on their lives today. Children will be able to role-play taking care of others with injuries and ensure RSE themes are supporting when ‘caring for themselves and others’.

Come Fly With Me

Boarding flight 2010, please pre-pare for flight! Ensuring passports are ready, children will journey along the ’Come fly with me’ adventure learning about the first ever aeroplane flight. Looking up significant individuals such as the Wright Brothers and Amelia Ear-hart, children will gain knowledge of events beyond their own living memory and impact on themselves now.

Time Detectives

Spinning back in time, learners will have the opportunity to examine significant historical events, people and place within Heath Hayes and Cannock. Researching the local area using computer technology, and following basic algorithms will lead learners to create a modern day time capsule. They may also look through changed within their own living memory and plant a time capsule for future students of Heath Hayes.



Road to the Roman Empire

Step back in time to study the Roman Empire. Children will learn about the advances in engineering and design brought to our daily lives by the Romans. Using their History skills will be crucial to investigate all related to the rotten Romans!

Who Made a Difference?

Travel back in time to take note of some people who made a huge impact on the world we live in today. Our world is ever changing and our society diversifying, but who in the past has made changes to our society? In this adventure, children will learn about key figures in black history and how they have made life-changing differences to the world we live in.

Shang Dynasty

Looking in depth at one of the first civilisations, The Shang Dynasty of China, children will explore and compare geographic regions. Learners will explore the rich secrets of historical China, as well as gain an insight into religious festivals, beliefs and traditions. A Chinese banquet may be in order to celebration their learning! Use the link below to see our knowledge organiser.

Shang Dynasty Knowledge Organiser

Tribal Tales

Would you like to roast marshmallows on the campfire? That may not be exactly as it was during the Stone Age, but building a fire was a practised life skill! Learners will bring together practical skills in order to recreate a historical scene. Developing knowledge on late Neolithic hunter-gatherers and early farmers, children will examine and compare ancient sources.

1066 – The Battle

Learners will delve into British history investigating Anglo-Saxon laws and justice. Who won the struggle for the Kingdom of England, and why did they win? Children will use historical enquiry to gain knowledge able key significant figures such as Edward the Confessor. Opportunities for battle weapon making, re-enacting and historical war paint will enhances this adventure.

Traders and Raiders

Would you of been a raider or a trader? Who did what? Children will hunt through historical clues and evidence to locate answers. Researching and role-playing Viking raids and invasion will put learners’ best foot forward in discovering the first king of England. Who lead the resistance? Did the Vikings steer further invasions?



Flander’s Fields

Centred around Remembrance Day, this poetry adventure will equip learners to examine historical sources. Upon reading Flander’s Fields, children will learn about World War 1, Britain at that time and the countries involved. In addition to this, another curriculum focus is music. Opportunities to listen to, explore and compose music to enhance the reading of poetry will be presented.

Tomb Raiders

Our ‘Tomb Raiders’ adventure engages children’s inner historians and archaeologists! They explore the achievements of the early civilisations in Ancient Egypt. Looking closely at Historical sources, learners embed a depth of knowledge about the ancient civilisation. Check out our learning in the knowledge organiser below.

UKS2 Tomb Raiders Knowledge Organiser

Off With Her Head!

An adventure centred around British history beyond 1066. This learning theme enhances children’s knowledge of the Tudor time period; including Henry V111, his wives and his life.

Revolts and Revolutions

Throughout this adventure about the Industrial Revolution, learning will develop knowledge to make historical connections, draw contrasts and expand on prior knowledge past 1066. The adventure looks closely at portraying ideas through Art & Design and explores artists from that era.

How A-maya-zing were the Mayans?

What’s your favourite chocolate bar? I don’t think famous creators of chocolate had a chance to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Studying the ancient civilisations of the Mayans learners will discover how chocolate really came about in the world.

Your Country Needs You

Have you got what it takes to serve your country? During this World War II adventure, learners will become practical analytics when looking closely at British life during the war. Will they spend the day as evacuees? Land girls? Fighter jet pilots? The possibilities to enrich this adventure are endless!

Saxons and Scots

Invasions, fights for border and bloody battles lie at the heart of the historical enquiry within this adventure! Following a timeline of events up until the Battle of Has-tings in 1066, classes will be divided in opinion when debating, arguing and battling for their land.