The Jolly Postman – Signed, Sealed, Delivered

This adventure is all about a locating a sense of self within the local community. Children will visit the local Post Office, send they own hand written letters and purchase stamps. Using expert knowledge of the United Kingdom’s weather patterns, learners will ensure the Jolly Postman is aware of his day ahead!

Winter Wonderland

Within this adventure, learners will explore changing seasons and weather patterns across the United Kingdom. Geography will for the knowledge base of physical geographical features and descriptions of weather extremes will facilitate ambitious language for learners.

We are Explorers

Delving into the past, this adventure highlights significant individuals who have contributed to nation-al and international achievements. Children will become explorers investigating the lives and achievements of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. Learning will be centred around exploration through the past and events around the world.

Barnaby Bear in the Caribbean

Would you like to take a trip to the Caribbean with Barnaby Bear? Learners certainly will upon exploring the geographical location closely. Using atlases, maps and globes, children will make comparisons between the Caribbean and their prior knowledge of the United Kingdom.



Passport to India

Take a cultural learning journey to India, in this Geography adventure. Children will explore the depths of India’s culture in a variety of forms including the historical Indus Val-ley, Indian inspired art and traditional dishes.

Cross a Border

11B411 promise ‘Cross a Border’ lies at the heart of this adventures. Children will be provided the opportunity to explore borders within geography. They will experience local border crossing, country border crossings and may even venture overseas! Could a class full of children devise their own mode of transport for cross a border? With a mission ahead children will use teamwork, collaboration and resourcefulness to succeed.



Home is Where the Heart is

Through a local history study, this adventure focuses on comparisons of the local area of Heath Hayes now and then. The core subject focussed on is Geography, where opportunities to explore: ordnance survey maps, local human and physical geography, and visit Cannock Chase are provided.

Route 66

The core subject for ‘Route 66’ is geography. This American adventure takes children on a journey through the American states making explorations along the way. Learning looks at human geography, researching artists, architects and designers and using technology to support evidence gathering.


Centred around Geography, this adventure focuses on a location study of Japan. Children will examine human and physical geographical features to gain further under-standing to describe. The adventure runs alongside the historical drama story of Kensuke’s Kingdom. Use the link below to download our knowledge organiser for this adventure.

Konnichiwa Knowledge Organiser

Under the Canopy

Delve into the depths of the rainforest, and investigate its wonders! This adventure develops geography and science skills as children will showcase their knowledge of animals and the physical features of the rainforest. This adventure also challenges us to think about some big questions about the human impact on our rainforests.