Religious Education


Festival of Light (Diwali)

With a showcase of Art & Design, children will extend their learnings of painting and printing to celebrate Diwali. Looking closely at the ‘Festival of Light’ learners will explore beliefs and teachings of the Hindu faith, and learn about believers’ practices and ways of life.

Festival of Colours – Holi

Joining in celebrations of ‘Holi’ the festival of colours, children will follow the lives of Hindu believers to gain insight into their beliefs. Exploration of practises and ways of life, identity and belonging and values and commitments will be observed to gain understanding of the ‘Holi’ festival. Learners will use Art & Design to prepare for the celebrations, and look closely at the colour wheel, colour mixing and colour tones.



Mexico – Dia de Los Muertos

A marvellous mashup of music, food, festivals, geography and culture are all rolled into this adventure. Explore how the festival of ‘The Day of the Dead’ is celebrated in Mexico along with other long- standing traditions. Children will develop a wide range of skills for this adventure including DT and Art.

Path to Enlightenment

Winding along the eightfold path, learners will explore the ‘path to enlightenment’ as cherished by Buddhists. Using respectful understanding, learners will gain an insight into one of the 6 world religions. The Buddhist faith will be discovered through learning about: the four noble faiths, spirituality, Buddhist traditions and the Gautama Buddha.

Wonder and Worship

Our world is full of people who are all unique and diverse. In this adventure children will have the opportunity to explore the wonders, faith and worship for people from around the world. In this RE adventure children will learn how people worship and how it is important to billions of people on Earth.



Guru Nanak Jayanti Festival

Join in the celebration of the birth of Guru Nanak. In this RE adventure, children will learn about Sikhism and the festival of Jayanti. This 3 day festival is jam packed with food, music and performances in October or November each year. Children will recreate their own festival to understand the importance of this religious time!


During this adventure, children will explore the culture of the Muslim faith during Ramadan. Learners will gain an insight into the beliefs, practices and festivals of one of the 6 world religions – Islam. Eid al-fitr the ‘festival of breaking the fast’ will end the ninth month of the Muslim faith with celebrations.