Heath Hayes Hero’s Journal

The Hero’s Journal contains a set of home challenges that children will complete during their time at Heath Hayes Academy. This runs from EYFS to Year 6. These are in addition to daily homework activities of reading, spelling and maths.

There are a number of challenges for each year with space for additional challenges for children to complete. The challenges fit into the areas of the Hero’s Journey learning line. The more challenges which are completed, the fuller your Heath Hayes Hero cape will be!

There are five areas of the Hero’s Journal and these follow our learning line. The areas are:

Be Open
Be Kind
Be Brave
Be the Hero

For each challenge that is completed, children will receive a certificate to recognise their achievement. When children have completed 2 or more activities from one of the challenge areas they will receive a sew on badge to acknowledge this. These badges can be attached to their very own hero cape and collected throughout primary school. Everybody at Heath Hayes Academy can be a hero!