Premium Statement

If your child is eligible for free school meals, their schools may also be entitled to receive a sum of money to boost their learning. This guide explains the ins and outs of the Pupil Premium for Heath Hayes Academy and its children.

What is the Pupil Premium?

Introduced in 2011, ​the Pupil Premium is a sum of money given to schools each year by the Government to improve the  attainment of disadvantaged children​.

This is based on research showing that children from low income families perform less well at school than their peers. Research  showed that often, children who are entitled to Pupil Premium face challenges such as poor language and communication skills,  less family support, lack of confidence and issues with attendance and punctuality compared to non-Pupil Premium children.  The Pupil Premium is intended to directly benefit the children who are eligible, helping to narrow the gap between them and  their classmates and their peers nationally.

Our key objectives in using the Pupil Premium funding are to ensure quality first teaching and widening of opportunity for all  children. We are passionate about diminishing the difference between pupil groups. As a school we have an excellent track  record of ensuring that pupils make strong progress. Through targeted inventions, we are working to eliminate barriers towards  learning and progress. For children who start school with low attainment on entry, our aim is to ensure that they make  accelerated progress in order to reach age related expectations and more as they move through the school.

For more information, please use the link below to download our statement.

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Heath Hayes Academy Pupil Premium Statement 2018-2019

Heath Hayes Academy Pupil Premium Statement 2019-2020